The Intro Post

I am 21 years old and 4’10″ with my very own furry sidekick, a tolerating fluffy cat that unfortunately does not talk back.
Follow my adventures and exploits through the beginnings of adult life, from a very uncommon adult stature.


This blog will probably be 75% clothes. I have a very difficult time find clothes that fit me. Most shirts and pants and dresses were not made with a 4’10″ woman in mind; they were designed for a 5’7″ woman…maybe even a 5’4″ woman.

I’m still 6 inches away from the “average” woman and no, I’m going to grow anymore!

The stats:
4’10″, 85-90lbs, 32-24-32

So like all good superheroes, I need a wardrobe that is a bit stylish and very practical.

A workable crime fighting costume is a necessity. (Regular folks might call it “a wardrobe”) Style is important. You can wear gold and blue color scheme, cut outs and flashy jewelery, giant goggles! Each costume shouts something about its wearer, whether it’s Batman’s “FEAR ME! I AM LIKE THE NIGHT!” or Superman’s “LOOK AT ME, HERE TO RESCUE YOU!”.

While style can sometimes be lacking, (disco Nightwing, anyone?),  practicality is must. Wonder Woman couldn’t move in a mini dress, a sexy cat suit  that’s too large becomes ridiculous leather pajamas, and boots that don’t fit are a safety hazard.  And can you imagine chafing at super speed? Ack!

The one rule of the superhero dress code that Superhero Chic will never break is: NO CAPES!

Follow my (by no means thrilling) adventures in shopping and sewing on the quest for a perfectly sized wardrobe.


I love food. Lets’ face it, Everyone should love food. I’ve never met anyone that has said “eh, nurtients….I’m not really a fan of eating or drinking, but I guess it’s alright.” If you find this person, drop me a line; because I’m borrowing them for the week and we are going to BORROW A TIME MACHINE until they find a dish that makes their   sing.

That said (Food. It’s awesome.) I have a confession to make.

I bake.
I bate a lot.
I probably eat about 80% cookies, 20% other stuff. My food pyramid IS a chocolate chip cookie, with the dough being COOKIES and the little chips being OTHER FOOD. (I actually prefer chocolate chunks, but that wouldn’t work for this metaphor) .

Cookies are my Kryptonite, if Kryptonite made Superman pudgy, happy, and prone to making “Mmmmm” sounds whenever he encountered it, instead of making him nauseous, powerless, and prone to getting kicked by Lex Luthor (who couldn’t really kick him otherwise and revels in the rare chance)

So I’ve decided that it is time. There are so many things outside the awesomeness that is creamed butter and sugar, and  I  shall discover them! (although there will still be cookies. There can never NOT be cookies)


Like most people (okay I don’t know that for certain but it makes me feel better), I live a somewhat routine life. And routine gets dull. Sometimes you want to do something adventure-worthy, like FIGHT CRIME or FEND OFF AN ALIEN INVASION!

I’ve always wanted to travel and see the world. There’s nothing like the thrill of experiencing something new (and yes, I find it a bit scary too). It helps to take small steps at first and build up to the huge leap. Bruce Wayne didn’t pull on his tights and shout I AM VENGEANCE! at insane clowns until he had roughed up a few cowardly and superstitious criminals first.

Right now, my adventure cry is something like TO THE ZOO! and that’s perfectly alright.


About ShortieK

No capes!
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