Secret Identity

Hi, all!  This is my blog.

My stats:

4’10.5″ (the .5″ becomes more important the shorter you are)

32-25-32. 27″ inseam.

My identity:

Is a SECRET. At some point I may decide to stop cropping my face out of pictures or wearing sunglasses, but for now my off-line self will remain a mystery.



Like all good superheroes, a workable crime fighting costume is a necessity. (known to civilians as “a wardrobe”)

Each costume shouts something about its wearer, whether it’s Batman’s “FEAR ME! I AM LIKE THE NIGHT!” or Superman’s “LOOK AT ME, HERE TO RESCUE YOU!”.

Patriot’s character design says “I am hardcore”. (c) Jim Cheung and Marvel Comics

While fighting crime,  practicality is must: a sexy cat suit that’s too large becomes ridiculous leather pajamas and boots that don’t fit are a safety hazard.  And can you imagine chafing at super speed? Ack!

I’m still trying to find my own brand of style, but that’s  perfectly okay.

The one rule of the superhero dress code that Superhero Chic will never break is:



One Response to Secret Identity

  1. Sounds interesting. I’m not too tall myself but I’m still hoping that I’m going to miraculously shoot up.

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